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MS-Access Class-Module Tutorial Index

We are planning a series of Tutorials on Microsoft Windows Tree View Control Programming in Microsoft Access and will publish the Series in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I thought it was appropriate to organize the earlier Tutorial Links, on Class Module and Event Handling Programming Series, of Articles on a separate page, for easy access in published order.

This is helpful for those who would like to go through the Tutorials on a gradual progressive way of learning. Those tutorials started from the Basic-level and progressed through the more advanced stage of programming levels. The learning curve should start from the base level and go up to the top to understand the changes at each level. Once you are familiar with the Object or Control, you may continue to learn further by experimenting with them on your own Programs or Projects.

After all, there is more than one way to solve a problem in Computer Programming based on the programmer’s understanding of the Language, Skill, and Experience.  


  1. MS-Access Class Module and VBA
  2. MS-Access VBA Class Object and Arrays
  3. MS-Access Base Class and Derived Objects
  4. VBA-Base Class and Derived Object-2
  5. Base Class and Derived Object Variants
  6. MS-Access Recordset and Class Module
  7. Access Class Module and Wrapper Classes
  8. Wrapper Class Functionality


  1. MS-Access and Collection Object Basics
  2. MS-Access Class Module and Collection Objects
  3. Table Records in Collection Object


  1. Dictionary Objects Basics
  2. Dictionary Object Basics-2
  3. Sorting Dictionary Object Keys and Items
  4. Display Records from Dictionary
  5. Add Class Objects as Dictionary Items
  6. Update Class Object Dictionary Item


  1. Withevents MS-Access Class Module
  2. Withevents and Defining Your Own Events
  3. Withevents Combo List Textbox Tab
  4. Access Form Control Arrays And Event
  5. Access Form Control Arrays And Event-2
  6. Access Form Control Arrays And Event-3
  7. Withevents in Class Module for Sub-Form
  8. Withevents in Class Module and Data
  9. Withevents and Access Report Event Sink
  10. Withevents and Report Line Hiding
  11. Withevents and Report-line Highlighting
  12. Withevents Texbox and Command Button
  13. Withevents Textbox Command Button
  14. Withevents and All Form Control Types

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  1. Problem is the treeview control only works in Access 32 bits

  2. Agreed... TreeView OCX is 32-bit legacy code only. I wondered why someone would still be writing about this legacy capability.

  3. Office suite: Non-security updates

    Add 64-bit support for mscomctl.ocx, allowing users working in 64-bit versions of Office to create, edit, and open macro files containing the Common Controls.
    Improve accessibility of controls used in mscomctl.ocx.


  4. From a.p.r. link, "After starting my newly installed Access 2016 and creating a new form, I’m immediately able to insert a TreeView Control into this form." Why doesn't the same thing happen with Microsoft Active X Calendar? How can I make it work in Access 2016/2019 64 bit?

  5. Yes, absense of Activex Calendar Control in 64 bit Version is a problem. Class Module based Calender Project I found and I think it is a good try. Find the Link here:Calendar Control Class


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