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Create Excel File or Word Document from Microsoft Access and write information into them. Every application that supports Automation provides at least one type of object. For example, a word processing application may provide an Application object, a Document object, and a Toolbar object. To create an ActiveX object, assign the object returned by CreateObject to an object variable.

Create an MS-Word File

The first example creates a Word File and writes some text into it and saves it with a name.

Public Sub CreateWordDoc() 
Dim WordObj As Object
On Error goto CreateWordDoc_Err

Set WordObj = CreateObject("word.application")
With WordObj
   .Application.Visible = True
   .Application.Documents.Add "Normal", , 0, True
   .ActiveDocument.Content = "THIS IS MY TEST DOCUMENT."
   .Application.ActiveDocument.SaveAs "C:\myDocument2.doc"
End With
Set WordObj = Nothing

Exit Sub

msgbox Err.Description,,"CreateWordDoc"
Resume CreateWordDoc_Exit
End Sub 

Creating an MS-Excel File

The Next example creates an Excel Worksheet and writes a line of text in Column A, Row 1, and saves it with a Name. This code starts the application by creating the object, in this case, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once an object is created, you reference it in code using the object variable you defined. You access properties and methods of the new object using the object variable, ExcelSheet, and other Microsoft Excel objects, including the Application object and the Cells collection.

Public Sub CreateExcelSheet()
Dim ExcelSheet As Object

On Error goto CreateExcelSheet_Err

Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

With ExcelSheet
   .Application.Visible = True
   .Application.Cells(1, 1).Value = "This is Column A, row 1"
   .SaveAs "C:\TEST.XLS"
End With

Set ExcelSheet = Nothing

Exit Sub
Msgbox Err.Description,,"CreateExcelSheet"
Resume CreateExcelSheet_Exit
End Sub 

Next >> Create Text File from Access.


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