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  1. galefly says:

    With user-level security how do I prevent a user (not an admin) from joining the database to another workgroup?

  2. A particular User is identified by her UserID and PersonalID in a Workgroup Information File. If the User have the same UserID and PersonalID in Both Workgroup Information Files she can join either Workgroup, open and work with the Database that has been implemented with User-level permissions. If UserIDs are same in both Workgroup Files, but PersonalIDs are different then she cannot open the database after joining the other Workgroup.

    Permission settings remains with the Database. UserID, PersonalID and Passwords are stored in Workgroup Information File.

  3. galefly says:

    Thanks for the response but I am still a bit confused. I must be missing something that should be obvious.
    I created a small test mdb file (2003), created a user with admin privileges and a user in the “users” group with restricted privileges.

    All works well. But, when signed on as the restricted user I can go to Tools/Security and join the default “system.mdb” workgroup and open the database without a userid/password prompt and everything is wide open.

    I see no way to prevent this. I thank you for any help.

  4. Don’t use default System.mdw file. I suggest you create a separate Workgroup Information File with a different name, say MyWorkgroup.mdw. It is already explained on this page how to do it. When you do that remember to note down:

    1. Name
    2. Organization
    3. WorkGroupID
    4. Values that you specify and keep it in a safe place.


      If your Workgroup file is deleted by mistake then you need this information to re-create it and open the Databases that you have Secured with this Workgroup Information File.


      After creating this File you are automatically joined in this Workgroup File. Now open Microsoft Access (password prompt will not come till you set a password for the Admin User) go to Tools –> Security –> User and Group Accounts –> Change Logon Password and set a password for the Admin User (you are now, when you opened MS-Access).

      Next steps are very important and follow carefully.


      1. Create a new User Account for you with the name you prefer and join yourself to the Admins Group. After that close MS-Access and open it again. At this point the UserID, Password prompt will popup. Login with your new User Account that you have created (no password yet) and set a password as we did for the Admin User Account.


      2. Remove Admin User from the Admins Group. Now the only User Account that has Administrative Privileges is the new Account that you have created.

      Now securing your database part:


      If you have created the Database in question when the System.mdw Workgroup File was active then the Owner of that Database is the Admin User. Owner of the Database has full authority to open and assign permissions to others, like Administrative privileges. This we have to remove.


      3. Create a new Database after Log-in with your new Admins User Account. Import all the Objects from the old database into the New Database.


      4. Remove all Permissions of all Objects from the Admin User Account and Users Group. Always do this step whenever you create a secure database.


      5. Create a New User Account for your Application User.

      6. Assign permissions to Individual Objects for the User.


      Or better create a new Group Account and assign permissions to this Group Account, then create one or more User Accounts and join them into this Group. The Group Account privileges are inherited by the individual Users of that Group.


      Note: Create your new Databases always with your Admins User Account.


      I hope it is more clear now. Try it out and let me know any further help is required.

  5. How do you get this same functionality with .ACCDB databases in Access 2007? Is there code available to do something like ASP.NET Membership?

  6. orlando seo says:

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  7. cap.zadi says:

    Hey Sir there,

    I am using ACCESS 2007. can you advise me, how to activate the “WORKGROUP” in this as i cant see any where those options.



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